Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines

Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines,

Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines means,

  1. Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines can be defined as, The pattern of tiled white lines is a pattern of three candles appearing on a candle chart. The upper version is a central candle (white or green) followed by a space and then two more white candles of the same size. The down version is a mansile (black or red) followed by two similar white candles. When the pattern occurs, which is rare, the price is expected to move in the direction of the current trend, down or up as needed.

    • There are higher and lower version versions. The upper version is a white candle, followed by the upper space and similar two-size white candles. The descending version is a black candle followed by a lower hole and two similar white candles.
    • This pattern is a pattern of continuity, which means that following the pattern, the price must move in the direction of the trend (the first candle).
    • The moderation is reliable for the trend of the model which continues after the model, but often the movement of prices after the model is smooth, which shows that it is not a very important model.

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Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines,

Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines Definition:

Top / Frame side spread is a three candle continuation pattern that appears on the candle stick chart.

  • As well as the margin of rising / falling lines is a three candle continuation pattern that appears on the candle stick chart.
  • The higher version is the e-candle, followed by an up-hole and two e-candles of the same size.
  • Version C is a candle, followed by a vacuum C and two candles of the same size.
  • This pattern is a continuity pattern, which means that e must move after the pattern in the direction of the trend (first candle).
  • The model has moderate credibility for trends that go beyond the model, but the movement in and after the model is often silent, indicating that this is not a very important pattern.

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