Unusual Activity

Unusual Activity,

Unusual Activity:

  • Unusual Activity means: Transactions that are outside the normal cost of the customer and may indicate fraud.

Literal Meanings of Unusual Activity


Meanings of Unusual:
  1. This is not usually the case.

Sentences of Unusual
  1. The government made the unusual decision to summon its ambassador home.

Synonyms of Unusual

different, abnormal, uncommon, unwonted, unfamiliar, unexpected, surprising, atypical


Meanings of Activity:
  1. The state in which something is happening or is being done.

  2. Any work that a person or group does or is doing.

  3. A thermodynamic quantity that represents the effective concentration of a given component in another solution or system, equal to its concentration multiplied by the coefficient of activity.

Sentences of Activity
  1. The economy resumed operations

  2. Business marketing activities

Synonyms of Activity

venture, business, job, scheme, occupation, campaign, pursuit, affair, project, task, undertaking, enterprise