Definition of Unstable:

  1. Prone to change, fail, or give way; not stable.

  2. Susceptible to or tending toward decomposition or other unwanted chemical or physical change during normal conditions of handling and storage.

Synonyms of Unstable

Unsteady, Rocky, Wobbly, Wobbling, Rickety, Shaky, Tottery, Tottering, Teetering, Doddery, Unsafe, Unbalanced, Unreliable, Insecure, Not secure, Unfastened, Unsecured, Movable, Precarious, Adrift, Afloat, Alternating, Ambiguous, Amorphous, Borderline, Brittle, Buoyant, Canted, Capricious, Changeable, Changeful, Changing, Choppy, Corruptible, Crumbling, Dangerous, Deciduous, Decrepit, Desultory, Deviable, Deviating, Deviative, Deviatory, ■■■■■■■ Different, Disintegrating, Disorderly, Divaricate, Divergent, Diversified, Diversiform, Dizzy, Doubtful, Dubious, Dying, Eccentric, Effervescent, Elastic, Ephemeral, Erose, Erratic, Evanescent, Fading, Fast and loose, Fickle, Fitful, Fleeting, Flickering, Flighty, Flitting, Fluctuant, Fluctuating, Fluid, Fly-by-night, Flying, Fragile, Frail, Freakish, Fugacious, Fugitive, Giddy, Hazardous, Heeling, Ill-balanced, Impermanent, Impetuous, Impulsive, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Indecisive, Indefinite, Infirm, Insecure, Insubstantial, Irregular, Irresolute, Irresponsible, Jagged, Jerky, Leaning, Listing, Lopsided, Lubricious, Mazy, Mercurial, Mobile, Momentary, Moody, Mortal, Motley, Moving, Mutable, Nonconformist, Nondurable, Nonpermanent, Nonstandard, Nonuniform, Off-balance, Overbalanced, Passing, Perilous, Perishable, Pluralistic, Poor, Poorish, Precarious, Protean, Provisional, Ragged, Rambling, Resilient, Restless, Risky, Rocky, Rootless, Rotten, Rotten at, Rough, Roving, Scatterbrained, Shaky, Shapeless, Short-lived, Shuffling, Slippery, Spasmodic, Spineless, Sporadic, Suspect, Temperamental, Temporal, Temporary, Tentative, Tergiversating, Ticklish, Top-heavy, Tottery, Transient, Transitive, Transitory, Treacherous, Tricky, Unaccountable, Unbalanced, Uncertain, Uncontrolled, Undecided, Undependable, Undisciplined, Undurable, Unenduring, Unequable, Unequal, Uneven, Unfaithworthy, Unfirm, Unfixed, Unhealthy, Unorthodox, Unpredictable, Unreliable, Unrestrained, Unsafe, Unsettled, Unsolid, Unsound, Unstable as water, Unstaid, Unsteadfast, Unsteady, Unsturdy, Unsubstantial, Unsure, Unsystematic, Untrustworthy, Ununiform, Vacillating, Vagrant, Variable, Variegated, Variform, Various, Varying, Vicissitudinary, Vicissitudinous, Volatile, Wandering, Wanton, Wavering, Wavery, Wavy, Wayward, Weak, Whimsical, Wishy-washy, Wobbly

How to use Unstable in a sentence?

  1. The unstable cliff tops.

Meaning of Unstable & Unstable Definition

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