Unsolicited Bid

Unsolicited Bid,

Unsolicited Bid Definition:

You can define Unsolicited Bid as, An immovable offer is an offer by an individual, investor or company to buy a company that is not actively seeking a buyer. An immovable offer can always be classified as an adversarial offer if a target company is unwilling to acquire it. They usually appear when the potential buyer sees value in the target business.

  • An immovable offer to buy from a company that is not actively looking for a buyer.
  • Immovable offer is also known as adversarial takeover.
  • Companies make immovable offers to control their market share, increase profits and / or limit competition.
  • Companies can reject offers or create employee stock ownership plans so as not to fall prey to unsolicited offers.

Literal Meanings of Unsolicited Bid


Meanings of Unsolicited:
  1. Given without request or voluntarily.

Sentences of Unsolicited
  1. Unwanted junk email

Synonyms of Unsolicited

voluntary, uninvited, undemanded, unrequested, unbidden, unprompted, uncalled for, unsought, volunteered, not required, unwelcome, gratuitous, unasked for, spontaneous


Meanings of Bid:
  1. Bid (a specific price) for something, especially at auction.

  2. Bids for price, especially at auction.

  3. Saying (salam or farewell) a.

  4. Orders or orders to do (to someone).

Sentences of Bid
  1. A consortium of retailers is proposing a world record price for a box of tobacco.

  2. Numerous buyers submitted bids for Van Gogh sketches

  3. Opportunity to say goodbye to your president

  4. I did what he told me to do

Synonyms of Bid

submission, put forward, call upon, enjoin, proffer, advance, demand, put in a bid of, tell, offer, direct, make an offer of, command, charge, instruct, order, submit, tender, require, propose, wish, proposal, put up