Definition of Unrealized:

  1. Transaction that has occurred but has not been consummated by a payment.

  2. Not achieved or created.

Synonyms of Unrealized

Behind the curtain, Behind the scenes, Camouflaged, Concealed, Disguised, Hidden, Imperceptible, Indiscernible, Insensible, Invisible, Latent, Neglected, Out of sight, Secret, Sightless, Submerged, Unaccomplished, Unachieved, Unapparent, Unattained, Unbeheld, Unbeholdable, Uncompleted, Unconsummated, Undiscernible, Undischarged, Undone, Unexecuted, Unfinished, Unfulfilled, Unnoticed, Unobserved, Unperceivable, Unperceived, Unperformed, Unseeable, Unseen, Unviewed, Unwitnessed, Viewless, Dormant, Quiescent, Inactive, Untapped, Unused

How to use Unrealized in a sentence?

  1. An unrealized plan for a full-length novel.

Meaning of Unrealized & Unrealized Definition