Unqualified opinion

Unqualified opinion,

Definition of Unqualified opinion:

  1. An unqualified opinion letter in an audit report might state “In our opinion, the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of XYZ Company.”.

  2. An unqualified opinion is an independent auditor's judgment that a company's financial statements are fairly and appropriately presented, without any identified exceptions, and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). An unqualified opinion is the most common type of auditor's report. Like any auditor’s opinion, it does not judge the financial position of the company or interpret financial data. It indicates that as a result of the testing done during the audit, the independent auditor has enough information to conclude that the company's financial statements conform to GAAP and fairly present the company's financial position for the statement time frame. It is issued when the auditor believes that all changes, accounting policies and their application and effects, have accurately been disclosed.

  3. Independent auditors declaration that he or she has no reservation in certifying that the audited firms financial statements (1) adequately disclose material information, (2) present fairly its financial position, and (3) show results of its operations in conformity with the provisions GAAP. Also called clean opinion.

Meaning of Unqualified opinion & Unqualified opinion Definition

Unqualified Opinion,

Unqualified Opinion:

  1. The definition of Unqualified Opinion is: Incompetent Independent Auditor decides that the company's financial statements are presented fairly and accurately without exception and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Disqualified feedback is a common type of audit report. Unlike an auditor's review, it does not assess the company's financial position or interpret financial data. Demonstrate that, as a result of tests conducted during the audit, independent auditors have sufficient information to determine whether the company's financial statements comply with the Indonesian GAAP and for the period. accurately reflect the financial position of the company. This statement is issued at a time when the auditor is confident that all changes, accounting principles, application and effects have been properly disclosed.

  2. Meaning of Unqualified Opinion: The audit opinion does not meet material limitations or deviations from the GAAP accounting principles. Auditors can only issue an incompetent audit opinion if no significant deficiencies have been identified and the scope of the auditor's work is not limited. It is also known as Klein Rai.

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Meanings of Unqualified:
  1. (An individual) is not practically recognized for a particular profession or activity because it has met the relevant conditions or requirements.

  2. No reservations or complete restrictions.

Sentences of Unqualified
  1. No company allows unqualified accountants to check their books

  2. The experiment was not a surprising success

Synonyms of Unqualified

wholehearted, unambiguous, undiluted, unchartered, unequivocal, without reservations, uncertificated, inexperienced, untrained, unstinting, unconditional, categorical, positive, unvarnished, unadulterated, unlicensed, unalloyed, unlimited, unmitigated, unrestricted, unreserved


Meanings of Opinion:
  1. Opinions or decisions about something that are not based on facts or knowledge.

Sentences of Opinion
  1. I am writing to express my opinion on a matter of great concern.

Synonyms of Opinion

viewpoint, belief, view, perspective, thinking, side, school of thought, judgement, point of view, mind, thought, slant, attitude, position, stance, standpoint, angle, way of thinking, outlook, thoughts