Definition of Unprofitable:

  1. State of generating an overall loss or a negative net income. Sustained periods of being unprofitable can make a business go bankrupt unless new strategies are adopted to change the direction of the negative income.

  2. (of a business or activity) not yielding profit or financial gain.

Synonyms of Unprofitable

Unprofitable, Uncommercial, Unremunerative, Non-viable, Abortive, Barren, Bootless, Deleterious, Detrimental, Disadvantageous, Disserviceable, Fruitless, Futile, Gainless, Harmful, Ineffective, Inefficient, Injurious, Losing, Nonremunerative, Otiose, Pointless, Prejudicial, Profitless, Purposeless, Rewardless, Sterile, Unadvantageous, Unavailing, Unfavorable, Unfruitful, Unproductive, Unremunerative, Unrewarding, Useless, Worthless

How to use Unprofitable in a sentence?

  1. The mines became increasingly unprofitable.

Meaning of Unprofitable & Unprofitable Definition