Unplanned Retention

Unplanned Retention,

Unplanned Retention: What is the Meaning of Unplanned Retention?

  1. Unplanned Retention definition is: Risk financing refers to the maintenance of losses by an organization due to its failure to maintain losses or identify a risk of loss, or failure to respond to a risk of loss.

Literal Meanings of Unplanned Retention


Meanings of Unplanned:
  1. All of a sudden

Sentences of Unplanned
  1. Unplanned pregnancy

Synonyms of Unplanned

undirected, unplanned, indiscriminate, unmethodical, unarranged, unpremeditated, uncoordinated, disorganized


Meanings of Retention:
  1. Continuity, use, or possession of something.

Sentences of Retention
  1. Maintain direct control of the central government