Definition of Unloading:

  1. Sell ​​products at a very low price (less than the price) to avoid quick sales or further losses.

  2. Remove (ammunition) from the gun or (film) from the camera.

  3. Unload goods from containers or transport vehicles.

  4. Move goods (vehicles, ships, containers, etc.).

Synonyms of Unloading

Disembarrassment, Unpack, Disencumberment, Lightening, Disburden, Clearance, Unfreighting, Evacuation, Unballasting, Disencumbrance, Clearing, Drainage, Untaxing, Unburdening, Removal, Voiding, Easement, Defecation, Easing, Unsaddling, Exhausting, Emptying, Relief, Unburden, Unweighting, Elimination, Exhaustion, Excretion, Voidance, Disburdening, Egress, Cleaning out, Draining, Unlading, Off-loading, Venting, Alleviation, Depletion, Discharging cargo, Empty

How to use Unloading in a sentence?

  1. They are only three steps away and the film should be removed from the camera and the flight attendant should be immediately taken to a dark runway room for processing before being shown.
  2. He has not yet fully unloaded the vehicle.

Meaning of Unloading & Unloading Definition