Unjust enrichment

Unjust enrichment,

Definition of Unjust enrichment:

  1. Money or other benefit obtained from another which, when not intended as a gift, is legally unjustifiable or unconscionable and for which the beneficiary must make a restitution. See also quasi contract.

  2. The action or fact of obtaining a benefit (not intended as a gift) from another party in circumstances which the law regards as unjust and where the law requires the beneficiary to make restitution; an instance of this.

  3. Retention of a benefit without providing or offering any consideration in return, in situations where a consideration is reasonably expected.

Meaning of Unjust enrichment & Unjust enrichment Definition

Unjust Enrichment,

Unjust Enrichment Definition:

This happens when someone benefits unfairly at the expense of another (for example, by mistake) and the person has to pay for the goods or services received in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice.

Literal Meanings of Unjust Enrichment


Meanings of Unjust:
  1. Failure to believe in a morally just and fair thing.

Sentences of Unjust
  1. Resistance to illegal laws

Synonyms of Unjust

weighted, partisan, unfair, slanted, bigoted, preferential, one-sided, influenced, biased, discriminatory, inequitable, prejudiced, partial


Meanings of Enrichment:
  1. The act of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

  2. The process of making someone as rich as possible.

Sentences of Enrichment
  1. Enrich the soil for maximum plant growth

  2. Politics was condemned as a means of enriching a handful of elites