Definition of Universe:

  1. Collection, population, or set of entities, items, or quantities (grouped together on the basis of common or defining characteristics or features) from which a representative sample is drawn for comparison or measurement.

  2. All existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies; it has been expanding since its creation in the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago.

Synonyms of Universe

Cosmos, Macrocosm, Totality, Whole world, Creation, Space, Outer space, The heavens, The firmament, Anschauung, Angle, Angle of vision, Bailiwick, Basis, Circle, Corner, Cosmos, Creation, Domain, Eye, Footing, Frame of reference, Framework, Light, Macrocosm, Macrocosmos, Megacosm, Mental outlook, Microcosm, Milieu, Nature, Outlook, Place, Point of view, Position, Province, Quarter, Reference system, Regard, Respect, Side, Sight, Situation, Slant, Sphere, Stand, Standpoint, System, Territory, View, Viewpoint, World

How to use Universe in a sentence?

  1. Among the many mysteries in the universe is the dark matter in galaxies and clusters.
  2. The universe of cultures swabbed from various subjects was identified and examined to determine its relationship to the other samples in the same group.
  3. There are infinite stars, planets, and galaxies in this universe we live in which makes it so amazing and interesting to astronomers.
  4. Everything is part of the universe ; it is every planet, moon, star, solar system, galaxy, and spec of dust floating through space.

Meaning of Universe & Universe Definition

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