Universal Life

Universal Life,

Universal Life: What is the Meaning of Universal Life?

  • Selected investments with flexible premium aggregation policies, insurers' interest-sensitive financial values ​​and types of permanent liability insurance.

Literal Meanings of Universal Life


Meanings of Universal:
  1. A person or thing with a universal effect, currency or application.

  2. Known by or through all the people or things in the world, or in a particular group that applies to every situation

  3. The film production company was formed by Carl Lemmel in 1912 and was the first studio to move from New York to the Los Angeles area. In 1962, the company merged with MCA (Music Corporation of America). The company produced films with Abbott and Costello, the Sherlock Holmes film series with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, and the box office made films such as ETK's The Extra Terrestrial (1982).

Sentences of Universal
  1. Universal adult gossip

Synonyms of Universal

common, general, across the board, ubiquitous, all-inclusive, all-round, all-embracing, omnipresent, comprehensive


Meanings of Life:
  1. A state that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including growth, reproduction, active activity, and permanent change before death.

  2. The presence of humans or animals.

  3. The period between the birth and death of a living person, especially a person.

  4. Significance, power or energy.

  5. (In art) representing an article based on the original model and not the artist's imagination.

Sentences of Life
  1. The essence of life

  2. The catastrophe killed 266 Americans

  3. He spent his whole life in this country

Synonyms of Life

activity, liveliness, vitality, effervescence, creature, one's time, animation, gusto, existence, zest, course of life, mortal, vigour, individual, one's career, brio, bounce, animateness, enthusiasm, verve, dynamism, lifetime, panache