What Does Units Mean?

  • Definition of Units: When investing in unit-linked contracts or mutual funds, individual contributions are used to purchase shares of equal value. The price of this stock will go up or down depending on the underlying investment.

Meanings of Units

  1. However, an object or person that is considered unique and complete can be part of a larger or more complex.

  2. A device that has a specific function, especially one that is part of a complex mechanism.

  3. Quantity selected by default, after which other quantities may be announced.

Sentences of Units

  1. A large plot of land consisting of small units.

  2. Gearbox and gear unit.

Synonyms of Units

part, segment, item, measure, module, member, value, subdivision, section, quantity, measurement, feature, denomination, piece, element, portion, fragment, component, ingredient, constituent, factor

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What is The Meaning of Units?

A simple definition of Units is: When investing in unit-linked contracts or mutual funds, individuals' contributions are used to buy shares of equal value. The price of this stock will go up or down depending on the underlying investment.

Meanings of Units

  1. The quantity selected as the standard, against which other quantities can be expressed.

Synonyms of Units

discrete item, entity, whole


Units Definition:

  • You can define Units as, When investing in unit-linked contracts or mutual funds, the partnership is used by individuals to buy shares of equal value. The price of this stock will go up or down depending on the underlying investment.