Unitised With-Profits

Unitised With-Profits,

What Does Unitised With-Profits Mean?

The definition of Unitised With-Profits is: A form of non-profit fund in which investors buy shares, the value of which rises on the basis of regularly issued bonds, and the final bonus can be added when the shares are paid.

Literal Meanings of Unitised With-Profits


Meanings of Unitised:
  1. Formed into a joint or a single unit.

  2. Packed in loading unit (by freight).

  3. (From investment fund) is converted to unit fund


Meanings of With:
  1. With (another person or thing)

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Sentences of With
  1. Good steak with a bottle of red wine

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Synonyms of With

accompanied by, escorted by, in the company of


Meanings of Profits:
  1. The difference between the financial gain, especially the money received, and the money spent on buying, operating or producing something.

  2. Profit benefit

  3. Profit or financial gain.

Sentences of Profits
  1. Record pre-tax income

  2. Only those who liked the incident were lawyers

Synonyms of Profits

interest, financial gain, make a profit, excess, make money, good, benefit, return, worth, value, dividend, surplus, payback, yield, advantage, returns, make a killing, usefulness, gain, use, avail