Unit Class

Unit Class,

What is Unit Class?

  • A simple definition of Unit Class is: Mutual funds that are divided into shares, not shares. Mutual funds and other mutual funds can offer more than one type or group of shares, each of which is considered a class, such as: Class B Most mutual funds have a fee for each class. And expenses, but all classes invest in the same group of securities and have the same investment goals.

Literal Meanings of Unit Class


Meanings of Unit:
  1. An object or person that is considered unique and complete, but can also form part of a larger or more complex whole.

  2. A device that has a specific function, especially if it is part of a complex mechanism.

  3. The quantity selected as the criterion for displaying another quantity.

  4. number one.

Sentences of Unit
  1. Large area of ​​a small unit

  2. Transmission and transmission

  3. Unit of measurement

Synonyms of Unit

component, part, section, element, constituent, subdivision, portion, segment, module, item, member, ingredient, factor, feature, piece, fragment, quantity, measure, measurement, denomination, value


Meanings of Class:
  1. Number or category of items that have the same characteristics or attributes and differ from others in terms of type, type or quality.

  2. A community management system in which people are divided into groups based on their perceptions of social or economic status.

  3. Show a beautiful border.

Sentences of Class
  1. Deprived of social class rights

Synonyms of Class

kind, sort, type, order, variety, genre, brand, social division, social order, social stratum, rank, level, echelon, group, grouping, set, caste, form, study group, school group, stream, band, classify, categorize, grade, rate, excellent, very good