Unique User Id

Unique User Id

It is also known as a UUID. A unique anonymous user identifier for a specific user profile, which may be stored in a cookie in the user's browser and/or in a server-side cookie store. Ad marketers are not allowed to associate these identifiers with personally identifiable information (PII) in any way, and user identifiers do not necessarily correspond to a unique identity. By deleting cookies or using multiple browsers and multiple devices, a person can also be associated with multiple user IDs. On mobile devices, a single user ID can also be mapped to multiple device IDs (e.g. Apple IDFA, OpenUDID, etc.).

Literal Meanings of Unique User Id


Meanings of Unique:
  1. A thing that has no equal or incomparable.

  2. To be unique, unsurpassed, unbeatable or unbeatable.

  3. A board owned by one owner.

  4. Special property.

  5. Rare, unusual quality.

Sentences of Unique
  1. Each person has a unique life, so each person has a unique journey. -Gary Koch.

Synonyms of Unique

singular, one of a kind, sui generis


Meanings of User:
  1. Exploitative, (one who uses people, that is, treats people and looks at them in an unfair, selfish and/or unethical way).


Meanings of Id:
  1. The unconscious impulsive component of personality in Freud's psychoanalytic model.

  2. A freshwater fish of the carp family found in Northern Europe and Asia, especially Leuciscus idus.

  3. Identification.

  4. Used in citations to indicate that the citation refers to the work cited directly above.

Unique User Id