Unique Selling Position

Unique Selling Position

A consideration a seller gives to differentiate their product or service from the competition.

Literal Meanings of Unique Selling Position


Meanings of Unique:
  1. A thing that has no equal or incomparable.

  2. To be unique, unsurpassed, unbeatable or unbeatable.

  3. A board owned by one owner.

  4. Special property.

  5. Rare, unusual quality.

Sentences of Unique
  1. Each person has a unique life, so each person has a unique journey. -Gary Koch.

Synonyms of Unique

one of a kind, sui generis, singular


Meanings of Selling:
  1. Pretending that the opponent's blows or maneuvers cause legitimate injuries in order to act.

  2. Action of the verb sell.

  3. Negotiability.

Sentences of Selling
  1. I'll sell you all three for a hundred dollars.

  2. The maize is sold for a good price.

  3. My boss is very old fashioned and I find it difficult to work from home every now and then.

  4. Purchase and sale.

  5. You have to work on your sales.


Meanings of Position:
  1. Place or location.

  2. Work work.

  3. Status or rank.

  4. Opinion, position or position.

  5. (Team Sport) Place on the field and a set of functions assigned to the player.

  6. A collection of securities, commodities or other financial instruments owned by a person, company or institution.

  7. An obligation or group of obligations, such as options or futures, to buy or sell a specified amount of a financial instrument, such as a security, currency, or commodity, at a specified price.

  8. A method of solving a problem using one or two guesses, also known as a trial-and-error rule.

  9. Complete state of the chess set in this round.

  10. To install.

Sentences of Position
  1. The Chief of Staff is the second most important position in the military.

  2. My position on this issue remains unchanged.

  3. Stand in this position with your arms at your sides.

  4. Stop running across the field and play your position!.

Unique Selling Position