Unique Forwarders

Unique Forwarders

The number of different people who forwarded the email to other people.

The number of people who forward an email to other people is called a forward.

Literal Meanings of Unique Forwarders


Meanings of Unique:
  1. A thing without something insurmountable or incomparable.

  2. To be unique, unsurpassed, unbeatable or unbeatable.

  3. A board owned by one owner.

  4. Special property.

  5. Rare, unusual quality.

Sentences of Unique
  1. Each person has a unique life, so each person has a unique journey. -Gary Koch.

Synonyms of Unique

sui generis, singular, one of a kind


Meanings of Forwarders:
  1. Someone who forwards something or something to another destination.

Unique Forwarders