Definition of Union:

  1. A fabric made of two or more different yarns, typically cotton and linen or silk.

  2. The action or fact of joining or being joined, especially in a political context.

  3. A pipe coupling.

  4. The set that comprises all the elements (and no others) contained in any of two or more given sets.

  5. A number of parishes consolidated for the purposes of administering the Poor Laws.

  6. A political unit consisting of a number of states or provinces with the same central government.

  7. A part of a flag with an emblem symbolizing national union, typically occupying the upper corner next to the staff.

  8. A group of workers joined together in a specific type of organization for the purpose of improving their working conditions as well as to help in promoting the common interests of the group.

  9. A building at a college or university used by students for recreation and other nonacademic activities.

  10. A club, society, or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose.

Synonyms of Union

Anschluss, Bund, Rochdale cooperative, Abutment, Abuttal, Accompaniment, Accord, Accordance, Addition, Adjoiningness, Adjunct, Affairs, Affiliation, Affinity, Agape, Agglomeration, Agglutination, Aggregation, Agreement, Alignment, Alliance, Allying, Amalgamating, Amalgamation, Amity, Ankle, Anschluss, Apposition, Approximation, Appulse, Articulation, Assemblage, Assent, Assimilation, Associating, Association, Axis, Band, Bed, Blend, Blending, Bloc, Body, Bond, Bond of matrimony, Bonds of harmony, Boundary, Bracketing, Bridebed, Brotherhood, Brotherly love, Butt, Cabal, Cahoots, Caritas, Cartel, Cement of friendship, Centralization, Cervix, Charity, Chorus, Circle, Clinch, Closeness, Closure, Club, Clustering, Co-working, Coaction, Coadunation, Coalescence, Coalition, Cohabitation, Coherence, Coincidence, Collaboration, Colleagueship, Collectivity, College, Collegialism, Collegiality, Collusion, Combination, Combine, Combined effort, Combining, Combo, Common market, Communication, Communion, Community, Community of interests, Compatibility, Composition, Comradeship, Concatenation, Concert, Concerted action, Concomitance, Concord, Concordance, Concourse, Concurrence, Confederacy, Confederating, Confederation, Confluence, Conformance, Conformation, Conformity, Confraternity, Congeniality, Congeries, Conglomeration, Congress, Congruence, Congruency, Congruity, Conjoining, Conjugal bond, Conjugal knot, Conjugation, Conjunction, Connectedness, Connecting link, Connecting rod, Connection, Consilience, Consistency, Consolidation, Consonance, Consort, Consortium, Conspiracy, Consumer cooperative, Conterminousness, Contiguity, Contrariety, Convergence, Cooperation, Cooperative, Cooperative society, Copartnership, Copartnery, Copulation, Corps, Correspondence, Coterminousness, Council, Coupling, Coverture, Credit union, Customs union, Dealings, Deduction, Disjunction, Dovetail, Economic community, Ecumenism, Elbow, Embodiment, Embrace, Empathy, Encompassment, Enosis, Equivalence, Esprit, Esprit de corps, Federalization, Federation, Feeling of identity, Fellow feeling, Fellowship, Filiation, Fraternalism, Fraternity, Fraternization, Free trade area, Freemasonry, Frictionlessness, Fusing, Fusion, Gang, Gathering, Gliding joint, Good vibes, Good vibrations, Graft, Group, Grouping, Guild, Happy family, Harmoniousness, Harmony, Hinge, Hinged joint, Hip, Holy matrimony, Holy wedlock, Homology, Hookup, Husbandhood, Identification, Identity, Ill-assorted marriage, Inclusion, Incorporation, Integration, Intercommunication, Intercourse, Interface, Interlinking, Intermarriage, Interracial marriage, Intersection, Intimacy, Join, Joinder, Joining, Joint, Jointure, Junction, Juncture, Junta, Juxtaposition, Kinship, Knee, Knotting, Knuckle, League, Liaison, Like-mindedness, Link, Linkage, Linking, Love, Machine, Marriage, Marriage bed, Marriage sacrament, Marrying, Match, Matrimonial union, Matrimony, Meeting, Meld, Melding, Mergence, Merger, Merging, Mesalliance, Misalliance, Miscegenation, Miter, Mixed marriage, Mixing, Mixture, Mob, Mortise, Mutual attraction, Mutuality, Nearness, Neck, Nuptial bond, Oneness, Order, Organization, Overlap, Package, Package deal, Pairing, Parallelism, Parasitism, Partnership, Party, Peace, Perigee, Perihelion, Pivot, Pivot joint, Political machine, Propinquity, Proximity, Rabbet, Rapport, Rapprochement, Reciprocity, Relatedness, Relation, Relations, Relationship, Ring, Sacrament of matrimony, Saprophytism, Scarf, Seam, Self-consistency, Sharing, Shoulder, Similarity, Simultaneity, Society, Sodality, Solidarity, Solidification, Sorority, Splice, Spousehood, Stitch, Suture, Symbiosis, Symmetry, Sympathy, Symphony, Symphysis, Sync, Synchronism, Syncretism, Syndicate, Syndication, Syneresis, Synergy, Synthesis, Synthesizing, Syzygy, Tally, Team, Team spirit, Tie, Tie rod, Tie-in, Tie-up, Timing, Togetherness, Toggle, Toggle joint, Trust, Unanimity, Understanding, Unification, Uniformity, Unison, Unisonance, United action, Uniting, Unity, Wedded bliss, Wedded state, Weddedness, Wedding, Wedding knot, Wedlock, Weld, Wifehood, Wrist, Yoking, Association, Trade union, Alliance, League, Guild, Unification, Uniting, Joining, Merging, Merger, Fusion, Fusing, Amalgamating, Amalgamation, Junction, Coalition, Combining, Combination, Consolidation, Conjunction, Confederation, Federation, Integration, Synthesis, Blend, Blending, Mixture, Mingling, Commingling, Join, Joint, Intersection, Link, Bond, Weld, Seam, Coupling, Connection, Union, Juncture

How to use Union in a sentence?

  1. But the scene in their London Bridge rehearsal room couldnt be further removed from Canterbury Christchurch University College student union.
  2. During negotiations, the head of the police officers union refused to accept the citys offer of a 1% raise for the citys officers.
  3. He was opposed to closer political or economic union with Europe.
  4. In what follows, we will apply results about centroids of domains to unions of curves or line segments.
  5. In addition, the new Act created a commission to supervise the establishment of unions of parishes in England and Wales.
  6. You may want to join a union if you think you will be working at that company for a long time so they have your back.
  7. The vertical gas line comes to a T joint below the union toward the bottom side of the water heater and is connected to the top vertical opening of the T joint.
  8. When the company cut back on hourly breaks the union rep threatened legal action due to the contract stating required breaks and defined hours.
  9. Members of the Students Union.

Meaning of Union & Union Definition