Unintelligible Speakers

Unintelligible Speakers

Incomprehensible ۔

By the way, I'm just looking for my name and its meaning is dumb. what is the meaning of this?

They can't understand you.

No incomprehensible understanding or comprehension is possible.

Speaker that anyone uses.

Incomprehensible definition

Explain the incomprehensible

I think it's a name that represents China's foreign point of view. I would not be surprised if the elders are called differently in their language or lineage. Obviously, this was a name that was not called by a group of people, it had to come from people who were not part of that group. I think they should have a different name.

Some sources claim that the word comes from the French word chain, which means "dog". However, most sources claim that this particular word comes from the word Sioux, which means red or foreign.

Unintelligible Speakers