Uninsured Loss Recovery

Uninsured Loss Recovery,

What Does Uninsured Loss Recovery Mean?

  • Meaning of Uninsured Loss Recovery: Insured Claims Recovery (ULR) protects policyholders from the cost of claims that are not insured by a third party if the third party is at fault, for example in the case of a deduction.

Literal Meanings of Uninsured Loss Recovery


Meanings of Uninsured:
  1. There is no insurance.


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

dropping, overlooking, misplacement, forgetting, mislaying


Meanings of Recovery:
  1. Return to normal health, mindset or strength.

  2. The process or process of recovering or controlling lost or stolen goods.

  3. The process of extracting or extracting industrial fuels or chemicals for the purpose of using, reusing or treating waste.

Sentences of Recovery
  1. Signs of recovery of real estate market

  2. A team of rehabilitation professionals ensures the restoration of the heirs' family heritage

  3. Sulfur recovery

Synonyms of Recovery

getting back, recouping, retrieval, rehabilitation, rallying, return to health, convalescence, retaking, regaining, healing, reclamation, recapture, repossession, redemption, recuperation, process of getting better