Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit

Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit,

Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit: What is the Meaning of Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit?

Insurance is a deposit slip (CD) that is not insured against a loss. For lack of insurance, the interest rate on these CDs is higher, as the buyer bears all the risk. If a financial institution or company issues a CD in the event of bankruptcy, the buyer loses the investment.

  • Non-insurance certificates of submission are CDs that have not been insured against loss by FDIC or NCUA.
  • In general, uninsured CDs have higher interest rates because the CD buyer bears all the risks involved.
  • Examples of uninsured CDs are Yankee CDs, Bell CDs and Bear CDs.

Literal Meanings of Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit


Meanings of Uninsured:
  1. There is no insurance.


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