Definition of Unilateral:

  1. It refers to, affects, or affects only one side of an organ, structure, or body.

  2. (Measures or decisions) to another individual, group or country without the consent or influence of another individual, third party involved in a particular situation.

  3. Only one side or only one side.

Synonyms of Unilateral

Univalent, Triquetrous, Unicuspid, Polyhedral, Dihedral, Multilateral, Unipartite, Uniglobular, Uniflorous, Unipolar, Flanked, Three-sided, Tetrahedral, Unidimensional, Quadrilateral, Uniangulate, Unidentate, Unipart, Unilobular, Unilinear, Many-sided, One-piece, Unifoliate, Bilateral, Unimolecular, Unibranchiate, Monadal, Two-sided, Handed, Trihedral, Uniocular, One-sided, Sided, Unidirectional, Unimodular, Unifoliolate, Unibivalent, Unigenital, Unicellular, Unicameral, Unilobed, Univocal, Lateral, Trilateral, Monadic, Unidigitate, Bifacial, Uniliteral

How to use Unilateral in a sentence?

  1. Unilateral brain injury.
  2. Unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Meaning of Unilateral & Unilateral Definition