Unilateral relief

Unilateral relief,

Definition of Unilateral relief:

  1. A corrective measure taken by a country to minimize the effect of double taxation in a situation where similar relief is unavailable through a tax treaty. Relief is typically provided in the form of an adjustment on tax liability using a tax credit.

Meaning of Unilateral relief & Unilateral relief Definition

Unilateral Relief,

What is The Definition of Unilateral Relief?

  1. It is exempt from the effects of international double taxation rather than the provisions of double taxation agreements under national law.

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Meanings of Unilateral:
  1. (An action or decision) is affected or affected by a particular person, group or country without the consent of another person or country, a person, group or country involved in a particular situation.

  2. It affects, affects or affects only one side of the body, structure, or body.

Sentences of Unilateral
  1. Unilateral nuclear disarmament

  2. Unilateral brain damage


Meanings of Relief:
  1. Feeling comfortable after getting rid of anxiety or stress.

  2. Help, especially in the form of food, clothing or money, for people with special needs or difficulties

  3. A person or group of people who have replaced other people who have served.

  4. Circumstances that are clear or obvious should be emphasized in one way or another.

Sentences of Relief
  1. When he finished, he saw the door open

  2. Raise donations to fight hunger

  3. Late nurse

  4. The sunset highlights the snow-capped peaks

Synonyms of Relief

comfort, substitute, supply, stand-in, assistance, aid, cover, calmness, locum tenens, fill-in, relaxation, surrogate, solace, standby, sustenance, repose, reassurance, care, locum, proxy, understudy, reserve, replacement, help, succour, deputy