Uniform Partnership Act (UPA)

Uniform Partnership Act (UPA),

Definition of Uniform Partnership Act (UPA):

  • You can define Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) as, The Uniform Associations Act (UPA) governs the governance of trade associations in several US states. The UPA also controls the dissolution of a partnership in the event of a breakup.

    • The Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) regulates the governance of trade associations in some US states.
    • About 37 states comply with the Uniform Association Act (UPA).
    • UPA only applies to Partnership and Limited Liability Companies (LLPs).
    • The UPA allows the partnership to agree to resume within 90 days after leaving only one partner. This avoids immediate liquidation of the company.
    • The formation of partnerships, bonds, assets and feudalism is also regulated in the uniform law of partnership.
    • The latest version of the law was created in 1997 with amendments in 2011 and 2013.

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