Uniform Distribution

Uniform Distribution,

Uniform Distribution means,

In statistics, a type of probability distribution in which all outcomes have equal probabilities. There is an even distribution in the deck of cards, as it is possible to draw hearts, clubs, diamonds or locks. A coin is also distributed evenly because it has the same probability of having a tail or tail on its flip.

  • An even distribution is a possible distribution with the same possible outcome.
  • There are two types of uniform distribution: single and permanent. With the first type of distribution, each result is discrete. With a constant distribution, the result is continuous and unlimited.

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Meanings of Uniform:
  1. A password that represents the letter U and is used in radio communication.

  2. In all cases the same shape or character is always changed.

  3. The name of a garment item that is part of a person's uniform.

Sentences of Uniform
  1. Airline pilot in dark blue uniform.

Synonyms of Uniform

unvarying, consistent, habit, unchanging, invariable, fixed, unwavering, even, ensemble, dress, equal, sustained, undeviating, attire, unvaried, livery, garb, outfit, regalia, monotonous, constant, steady, regular, unfluctuating, costume, equable


Meanings of Distribution:
  1. The process of sharing something between multiple recipients.

Sentences of Distribution
  1. Print to share with friends

Synonyms of Distribution

issue, issuing, giving out, administering, passing round, issuance, administration, dispensation, doling out, handing out, handing round, dealing out