Unified Managed Household Account (UMHA)

Unified Managed Household Account (UMHA),

Unified Managed Household Account (UMHA) Meanings:

  1. Meaning of Unified Managed Household Account (UMHA): An Integrated Managed Family Account (UMHA) is a privately managed account that combines a number of unrelated products, including mutual funds, ETFs and individual securities. Can access Such an account allows for easier management for financial institutions and greater transparency for the investor's family.

Literal Meanings of Unified Managed Household Account (UMHA)


Meanings of Unified:
  1. The uniform or everything is clean.


Meanings of Managed:
  1. Responsible for (company, organization or company)

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Sentences of Managed
  1. His eldest son runs the farm

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Meanings of Household:
  1. A house and its occupants are seen as a unit.

Sentences of Household
  1. The whole house is sleeping

Synonyms of Household

house, ménage, tribe, family, family circle, clan


Meanings of Account:
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Synonyms of Account

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