Unified Managed Account (UMA)

Unified Managed Account (UMA),

What is Unified Managed Account (UMA)?

  1. A Unified Managed Account (UMA) is a professionally managed private investment account that can have multiple types of investments in one account. Investments can include mutual funds, stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds. Consensus-managed accounts are often balanced according to a specific schedule.

    • A Unified Managed Account (UMA) is a privately managed investment account that can cover a wide range of investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds.
    • In general, UMA balances from time to time to ensure that inventory reflects the right balance of investments.
    • This is a type of account that is often preferred by high value investors who want more investment than they can get through separate managed accounts.
    • UMA providers work with investors to design integrated departments that cover multiple investments, assist in tax planning and create effective balancing programs.

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Meanings of Unified:
  1. Evenly or completely integrated.


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