What is The Definition of Unicorn?

  1. Unicorn means, Unicorn is a term used to describe a اسٹ 1 billion private startup in the venture capital industry. The term was coined by Eileen Lee, founder of Cowboys, a start-up venture capital fund based in Palo Alto, California.

    • Unicorn is a venture capital term used to describe startups worth over ایک 1 billion.
    • The term was coined by venture capital firm Eileen Lee.
    • Some of the popular Unicorns are Airbnb, Ober, SpaceX, Robin Hood and Sophie.
    • Job seekers can also use the term unicorn to describe their ideal candidate, who may be eligible for a particular position.

Meanings of Unicorn

  1. The mythical animal is often described as a horse with straight horns spread from its forehead.

  2. Something very desirable but hard to find.

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Sentences of Unicorn

  1. Can a unicorn be a mystic like real political minds?

  2. This album is a kind of unicorn