Definition of Unicode:

  1. International coding standards for the use of multiple languages ​​and scripts give each letter, number or symbol a unique numerical value applied to different platforms and programs.

  2. Exhibition standards for characters from all languages ​​of the world, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Compared to ASCII, which uses 8 bits for each character and represents only 256 (2 ^ 8) unique characters, Unicode has 16 bits per character to represent 65,536 (2 ^ 16) unique characters. Uses. With the development of Unicode through the Unicode Consortium, the ISO and the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) jointly developed another 16-bit coding scheme called Basic Multilingual Aircraft (BMP). ۔ Unicode and BMP have now combined to create a standard 16-bit character set called Universal Character Set (UCS).

How to use Unicode in a sentence?

  1. Since there are two bytes for each letter, suppose it represents a multibyte of text, perhaps Unicode encoding.

Meaning of Unicode & Unicode Definition