Unhas Em Ingles

Unhas Em Ingles

Like ail nail in English?

Nail in French: nail (nêiàl). Or the only problem is that the word written, separated from the whole sentence, can also have a meaning. Because nail has 2 meanings.

Oh, and a few days and you have two different spreads. Watch:

1) nail (fÃÂnguernêiàls), literally: nails

2) nail (tÃÂunêiàls), literally: toenails

Of course, as a woman (and also as a man) when I went to do this on Bea because I never said I was going to do her nails. He says: I'm going to do my nails (gim gouin tuu guit mái nÃÂàls dàn). That is, I will do my nails.

French manicure 'manicure (mênikiúr)

Pedicure English Pedicure (Pedicure)

Oh, and without animals say:

1) Single: claw (lock)

2) Plural: claws

Hope your question is resolved.


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