Unfair Trade Practice

Unfair Trade Practice,

What is Unfair Trade Practice?

You can define Unfair Trade Practice as, Various fraudulent, fraudulent or unethical methods are used to obtain contracts through unfair business practices. Unfair business practices include misrepresentation, misleading advertising or representation of goods or services, related sales, mis-pricing or gift offerings, misleading pricing and non-compliance. Such action is illegal under the Consumer Protection Act, which redresses consumers in the form of redress or redress. Unfair business practices are sometimes referred to as fraudulent business practices or unfair business practices.

  • Unfair business practices refer to companies that use fraudulent, fraudulent or unethical methods to gain or profit.
  • Section 5 (a) of the Consumer Protection Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act protects consumers from inappropriate business practices.

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Meanings of Unfair:
  1. It is not based on the principles of equality and justice, nor does it conform to them.

Sentences of Unfair
  1. At times like these, the legal system seems inhumane and unfair.


Meanings of Trade:
  1. Buy and sell goods and services.

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