Definition of Unemployment:

  1. Unemployment conditions.

  2. Total number of working age men and women looking for paid work. Unemployment statistics depend on the definition of unemployment and who is considered an employee. Traditional methods of collecting unemployment data are usually based on unemployment benefit patterns or the number of claims. The International Labor Organization (ILO) calculates unemployment based on the number of people who have found work in the last four weeks and have been able to start work in two weeks, as well as those who Looking forward to finding a job that has already been found. .

Synonyms of Unemployment

Discharge, Dismissal, Redundancy

How to use Unemployment in a sentence?

  1. During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate in the United States rose nationally, leaving many workers across the country unemployed.
  2. Unemployment has been high in the years since the 2008 financial crisis, but it is now slowly returning to the expected level for a multi-occupational economy.
  3. Drug addiction, unemployment and stigma are among our many challenges.
  4. With a large number of unemployed, it is not surprising that in a recent survey, unemployment was the main concern of post-employment.

Meaning of Unemployment & Unemployment Definition