Uneconomic Growth

Uneconomic Growth,

Uneconomic Growth:

Non-economic growth is economic growth that produces negative externalities that generally affect quality of life. This is known as volatile growth, where negative economic and environmental consequences exceed the short-term value of the extra unit of growth.

Literal Meanings of Uneconomic Growth


Meanings of Uneconomic:
  1. It's not very profitable.

Sentences of Uneconomic
  1. Improper cost of seven large reactors

Synonyms of Uneconomic

uncommercial, unprofitable, unremunerative, non-viable


Meanings of Growth:
  1. The process of increasing body size.

  2. Anything that grew or developed.

  3. A vineyard or a special quality class or related grape crop.

Sentences of Growth
  1. Top plant growth

  2. One day with the growth of the chin on the chin

  3. All legally designated champagne areas are classified as wines

Synonyms of Growth

extension, widening, thickening, growing, swelling, heightening, magnification, ballooning, broadening