Underwriting Fees

Underwriting Fees,

Definition of Underwriting Fees:

A simple definition of Underwriting Fees is: The subscription fee is the amount that the buyer receives for providing the purchase service. Underwriters operate in a variety of markets, including investment, mortgages and insurance. In each case, the insurer's job is slightly different, but each receives a purchase fee in exchange for his or her written services.

Literal Meanings of Underwriting Fees


Meanings of Underwriting:
  1. Sign and accept liability (insurance policy) to guarantee payment in case of loss or damage

  2. Agree with (bank or other financial institution) to buy unsold shares (issue new shares)

  3. Write (something) under someone else, especially another script.

Sentences of Underwriting
  1. The policy, signed by Lloyds, compensates the trustee for damages caused by irregularities.

  2. The purchase order is paid for the issuance of the ordered shares

Synonyms of Underwriting

write, add, put, pencil, scribble, scrawl, pen, inscribe, dash off


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Pay (someone) for a service.

  2. Payment to professional or professional bodies or the public in exchange for advice or services

  3. A country's domain, especially under feudal terms of service.

Sentences of Fees
  1. Others offer discounts on software purchases to users of their free online service.

  2. Fees Legal fees of 3,000

Synonyms of Fees

reimburse, emolument, handout, recompense, reward, give payment to, payment, wage, salary, pay, stipend, allowance