Underwriting Cycle

Underwriting Cycle,

What is The Definition of Underwriting Cycle?

  • A simple definition of Underwriting Cycle is: See Synonyms Key Term Market Cycle

  • Subscription cycle time. Periodically insurance deals with fluctuations in insurance activity. The general membership cycle lasts for many years and the market situation for shopping activity changes rapidly from one fast to the other and back again. The lottery cycle is also known as the insurance cycle.

    • Subscription cycle periodically. Periodically insurance deals with fluctuations in insurance activity.
    • Fluctuations in subscription cycles consist of market conditions that vary from extension cycles to slow cycles and vice versa.
    • The subscription cycle starts with many competitors and low premiums. As claims and bankruptcies increase, the competition decreases and the premium increases.
    • After this period, net participants enter the market, which leads to competition, reduction of premiums and resumption of the subscription cycle.
    • The underwriting cycle is one of the biggest challenges facing insurance companies and they are constantly trying to better manage it.

Literal Meanings of Underwriting Cycle


Meanings of Underwriting:
  1. Sign and accept the obligation to guarantee payment (insurance policy) in case of loss or damage.

  2. (Bank or other financial institution) has agreed to purchase unsold shares of (new issue of shares).

  3. Write (something) under someone else, especially another script.

Sentences of Underwriting
  1. The policy, signed by Lloyds, exempts organizers from damages for violations.

  2. Purchases are made through the issuance of subscribed shares

Synonyms of Underwriting

write, inscribe, pen, pencil, scribble, scrawl, dash off, put, add


Meanings of Cycle:
  1. A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.

  2. One set or complete series.

  3. Bicycle or tricycle.

  4. Cycle.

  5. Visit or follow a series of recurring events.

Sentences of Cycle
  1. Periods of business expansion and retreat

  2. Painting is part of the seven cycles

  3. For energy, you can rent a bicycle

  4. He goes to work every day

  5. The economy is constantly moving between expansion and contraction

Synonyms of Cycle

round, rotation, revolution, series, sequence, succession, run, bicycle, two-wheeler, pedal cycle, travel, go, move, progress, proceed, make one's way