Underwriting Agreements

Underwriting Agreements,

Underwriting Agreements Meanings:

You can define Underwriting Agreements as, A subscription agreement is an agreement between a group of investment bankers to form a group of underwriters or a consortium with a company that issues new securities.

  • Purchasing agreements are made under the Association of Purchasing Bankers which constitutes the Purchasing Group and between the company that issues the new edition of the title.
  • The agreement ensures that everyone involved understands their responsibility in the process.
  • The agreement specifies the subscription group's new liability for the purchase, securities, agreed price, actual selling price and due date.

Literal Meanings of Underwriting Agreements


Meanings of Underwriting:
  1. Signed and liable to guarantee payment in case of loss or damage (insurance policy)

  2. (Bank or other financial institution) has agreed to purchase unsold shares of (new issue of shares).

  3. Write (something) under someone else, especially another script.

Sentences of Underwriting
  1. The policy, signed by Lloyds, compensates tutors for damages caused by irregularities.

  2. The purchase will be made through the issuance of paid up shares

Synonyms of Underwriting

inscribe, scribble, pencil, dash off, write, scrawl, add, pen, put


Meanings of Agreements:
  1. Harmony or agreement of opinion or feeling.

Sentences of Agreements
  1. The government has not reached an agreement

Synonyms of Agreements

unity, consensus, rapport, like-mindedness, harmony, unison, accordance, concord, concurrence, accord, sympathy