Definition of Underwriter:

  1. A bank or other financial institution that agrees to buy unsold shares in a new issue.

  2. General - Companies that assess the risk of a third party for a fee known as (1) commission, interest, premium or signature margin and (2) a program by paying all or part of the costs involved in foreign exchange. Or sponsor the program. Advertising or name, message and / or your product.

  3. The person or company that bears the insurance risk.

  4. Securities Trading: A person or company that buys new securities or IPOs (usually as a consortium with other customers) in order to sell to the public at a profit. In British practice, consumers generally do not buy shares until they find a buyer. In American practice, they usually buy a part or the whole program and then present it to the public.

  5. The customer is the party that assesses the other party's risk for a particular fee. These expenses are usually in the form of commission, premium, margin or interest. Underwriters play a key role in the proprietary world, including the mortgage industry, the insurance industry, the stock market, and general forms of debt negotiation. Central clients are known as book brokers.

  6. Term insurance first appeared in the early days of marine insurance. The owner requested insurance for the ship and its cargo in case of damage to the ship and its cargo. The businessman meets in the cafe and examines the documents which state the ship, its contents, its crew and its purpose.

  7. Insurance: An eligible individual who examines the insurance proposal to assess the nature and degree of risk. In addition, the amount of premium to be collected is determined to protect the applicant from the damages caused by this risk.

Synonyms of Underwriter

Insurance broker, Ratifier, Accident insurance, Insurer, Insurance company, Notary, Aviation insurance, Malpractice insurance, Major medical insurance, Cosigner, Actuary, Theft insurance, Endorser, Flood insurance, Limited payment insurance, Interinsurance, Sponsor, Signatory, Surety, Bondsman, Family maintenance policy, Fidelity bond, Party, Credit insurance, Guarantee, Mortgagor, Term insurance, Endowment insurance, Guaranty, Social security, Casualty insurance, Confirmer, Notary public, Guarantor, Certificate of insurance, Subscriber, Insurance policy, Ocean marine insurance, Insurance agent, Mutual company, Liability insurance, Bailsman, Approver, Health insurance, Warrantor, Deductible, Industrial life insurance, Credit life insurance, Certifier, Mainpernor, Permit bond, Bail bond, Assurance, Godfather, Court bond, Stock company, Business life insurance, Bond, License bond, Annuity, Government insurance, Fidelity insurance, Robbery insurance, Insurance man, Insurance, Godparent, Policy, Upholder, Fraternal insurance, Marine insurance, Cosignatory

How to use Underwriter in a sentence?

  1. Writers under financial statistics are risk experts.
  2. Temporary insurance first appeared in the early days of maritime insurance, when businessmen agreed to cover some shipping risks.
  3. The success of the program is guaranteed because the customer buys everything that the market does not buy.
  4. Insurers and risk managers are worried about room fires.
  5. Underwriters are essential to the general form of the mortgage industry, the insurance industry, the stock market and debt securities trading.

Meaning of Underwriter & Underwriter Definition