Definition of Underlying:

  1. Significant as a cause or basis of something but not necessarily manifest or obvious.

  2. Lying or situated under something.

  3. Asset on which a futures contract or option is written.

Synonyms of Underlying

Ab ovo, Basal, Basic, Basilar, Between the lines, Bottom, Cardinal, Constituent, Constitutive, Covert, Critical, Crucial, Cryptic, Delitescent, Dormant, Elemental, Elementary, Esoteric, Essential, Foundational, Fundamental, Gut, Hibernating, Hidden, Indispensable, Latent, Lurking, Material, Muffled, Mystic, Necessary, Needful, Obfuscated, Obscured, Occult, Of the essence, Original, Possible, Potential, Primal, Primary, Primitive, Radical, Rudimentary, Sleeping, Submerged, Substantial, Substantive, Under the surface, Unmanifested, Veiled, Virtual, Vital, Fundamental, Basic, Basal, Primary, Prime, First, Cardinal, Central, Principal, Chief, Key, Elementary, Elemental, Rudimentary, Root, Intrinsic, Essential

How to use Underlying in a sentence?

  1. The flu can be particularly severe for the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

Meaning of Underlying & Underlying Definition


Underlying Meanings:

  • Underlying refers to Below are the common shares that are on the use of purchase warrants or when convertible bonds or convertible preferred shares are converted into joint shares, they must be distributed when referring to stock trading. The price of primary securities is the primary factor that determines the value of derivatives, guarantees and convertible bonds. Therefore, the main reason for the change in prices is the simultaneous change in the prices of the respective derivative assets.

Meanings of Underlying

  1. Important as the cause or basis of something, but not necessarily manifest or manifest.

  2. Lying or under something.

Sentences of Underlying

  1. The flu can be very serious in the elderly and people with basic illnesses