Underlying Debt

Underlying Debt,

What is The Meaning of Underlying Debt?

  • Underlying Debt means: A primary loan is a municipal loan term that refers to the assumption that the debt of a small government unit can be covered by verification of the credibility of a large government unit in a jurisdiction. Only these small businesses can have difficulty raising funds if they are not in a strong financial position. However, collateral for large companies makes it easier for smaller companies to get credit and allows them to lower bond interest rates. People see municipal bonds as the main debt of the sponsoring company.

  • Definition of Underlying Debt: City Liabilities A term referring to the debt of a government agency that is under the jurisdiction of a major government agency for which the major agency assumes part of the credit liability.

Literal Meanings of Underlying Debt


Meanings of Underlying:
  1. Important as the cause or basis of something, but not necessarily real or obvious.

  2. Lying under something

Sentences of Underlying
  1. The flu can be especially serious in the elderly and people with basic illnesses.

Synonyms of Underlying

primary, elemental, rudimentary, essential, central, intrinsic, elementary, principal, cardinal, basic, root, chief, key, prime, fundamental, basal, first


Synonyms of Debt

outstanding payment, tally, amount due, financial obligation, money owing, bill, account