Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Underground Storage Tank (UST),

What Does Underground Storage Tank (UST) Mean?

  • A simple definition of Underground Storage Tank (UST) is: A sunken tank is used to store or dispose of gasoline or other fuels, hazardous chemicals or other contaminants or contaminants.

Literal Meanings of Underground Storage Tank (UST)


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  1. Below ground level

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Meanings of Storage:
  1. The process or way of storing something for future use.

Sentences of Storage
  1. Folding chair for easy storage


Meanings of Tank:
  1. Large containers or storage spaces, especially liquids or gases.

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  4. Fill the car tank with fuel.

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Sentences of Tank
  1. Only two tons of liquid chlorine came out of the storage tank after the device malfunctioned, but it caused a lot of drama.

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  3. The car stopped for fuel

Synonyms of Tank

armoured vehicle, armoured car, combat vehicle, dungeon, oubliette, lock-up, prison