Underground Property Damage

Underground Property Damage,

Definition of Underground Property Damage:

Underground Property Damage means: Material damage (PD) to the surface of the material, water drains, pipes, pipes, gutters, tanks, tunnels, similar objects and all devices connected below ground or surface level, causing this purpose Used for the use of mechanical equipment, smoothing, digging, drilling, drilling, backfilling, backfilling or compacting.

Literal Meanings of Underground Property Damage


Meanings of Underground:
  1. Below ground level

  2. A group or movement was secretly organized to work against the current government.

  3. A group or movement that seeks alternative lifestyles or artistic ideas.

  4. One tube, especially one in London.

  5. Located below ground level.

Sentences of Underground
  1. Underground miners

  2. I join the French underground

  3. Subways in the late sixties

  4. Subway travel chaos

  5. Underground garage

Synonyms of Underground

sunken, resistance, in the earth, subterrestrial, below the surface, lower-level, subterranean, below ground, metro, under the earth, ■■■■■■■ opposition, resistance movement, ■■■■■■, basement


Sentences of Property
  1. He wants to get Oliver and his belongings out of the house

Synonyms of Property

mark, things, trait, possessions, stuff, movables, belongings, effects, attribute, feature, chattels, characteristic, personal effects, quality, hallmark, worldly goods, power, goods


Meanings of Damage:
  1. (Some) inflict physical damage to the extent that its normal value, use, or functions deteriorate.

  2. Physical damage caused by something that affects its value, usability, or normal operation.

  3. The amount required or given as compensation for loss or damage

Sentences of Damage
  1. The ■■■■■ caused great damage to the city.

  2. He received 28 4,284,000 in damages.

Synonyms of Damage

restitution, vandalism, reparations, disfigure, mangle, recompense, defile, deface, mar, vandalization, harm, do damage to, injure, redress, destruction, blemish, reparation, blight, spoil, impair, vandalize, mutilate, injury, compensation, desecrate