Underfunded Pension Plan

Underfunded Pension Plan,

What Does Underfunded Pension Plan Mean?

  1. An uninterrupted retirement plan is a financially funded retirement plan with more liabilities than assets. In other words, the amount needed to meet current and future pensions is not available. This does not guarantee that future retirees will receive the promised pension or that current retirees will continue to receive a pre-determined distribution amount. Financially supported pensions can be compared to fully funded or overpaid pensions.

    • The irreparable retirement plan does not have enough money to meet its current and future obligations.
    • This is dangerous for the company because pension benefits are often restricted to current and former employees.
    • Lack of funds is usually due to investment losses.

Literal Meanings of Underfunded Pension Plan


Meanings of Underfunded:
  1. Doesn't provide enough money.

Sentences of Underfunded
  1. Essential public services have been severely damaged


Meanings of Pension:
  1. Dismissing someone, primarily because of their age or health problems, and paying them a pension

  2. Regular retirement payments from a person's investment funds that were paid by that person or their employer during their time.

  3. Pensions in France and other European countries, full or partial pensions at a fixed rate.

Sentences of Pension
  1. Retirement from the army at the end of the war

  2. A fixed contribution to the guarantee of old age is a guarantee of a safe aging.

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Meanings of Plan:
  1. Make up your mind and plan ahead.

  2. A project or plan (to create or create something)

  3. Detailed advice on what to do or get.

  4. Any intention or decision about what to do.

  5. A detailed map or diagram

Sentences of Plan
  1. They are planning a trip to Egypt

  2. They make gardens

  3. I have no plans to retire

  4. Road map

Synonyms of Plan

arrange, ambition, plan of action, formula, intention, schedule, devise, frame, target, programme, set up, organize, scenario, intent, aspiration, aim, master plan, draw up a layout of, think out, draft, object, objective, line up, agenda, sketch out, contrive, make a map of