Definition of Undercut:

  1. Cow's back background.

  2. Cut or use on the ground or on the ground (anything, especially rocks)

  3. Offer goods or services at prices that are voluntarily lower than those received by competitors.

  4. The shape of the hair in which the hair is shaved or cut very short on the sides or the back of the head, but still on a relatively long braid.

  5. Reducing weakness.

  6. Removing or removing material from the floor of an object, such as a mountain, a coal bed, or part of a relief sculpture, creates a vacuum.

  7. Offer goods or services (competitors) at a lower price.

  8. (In sports such as tennis or golf) In the movement of turning the ball.

Synonyms of Undercut

Explode, Sell out, Show up, Blow up, Sabotage, Prove the contrary, Demolish, Chip away, Sell, Move, Sell retail, Discredit, Puncture, Sacrifice, Undermine, Charge a lower price than, Destabilize, Close out, Damage, Wholesale, Disprove, Merchandise, Undersell, Hollow out, Ruin, Sell on consignment, Disrupt, Blow sky-high, Underbid, Weaken, Sell up, Make a sale, Effect a sale, Subvert, Impair, Sell short, Retail, Excavate, Sell over, Invalidate, Market, Negative, Destroy, Deflate, Cut under, Convert into cash, Turn into money, Sap, Resell, Disconfirm, Undersell, Undermine, Cut out, Unload, Wreck, Sell wholesale, Cut away, Belie, Expose, Turn over, Gouge out, Undo, Sell off, Job, Charge less than, Threaten, Negate, Dump

How to use Undercut in a sentence?

  1. The big fish can protect the kit.
  2. These industries have been reduced by more efficient foreign producers.
  3. He styled his shortcut into a trivial cut.
  4. The foot of the mountain is free to walk on the waterfall.
  5. The president denied that his authority was being violated.

Meaning of Undercut & Undercut Definition


What Does Undercut Mean?

Selling products, services, etc. cheaper than competitors

Meanings of Undercut

  1. Offering goods or services (competitors) at a lower price

  2. Mud or dirt cutting or scraping (anything, especially mountains)

  3. Weakened

  4. (In sports like tennis or golf) Retreat (Ball) Retreat

  5. A place created by the removal or absence of material from the floor of a place, e.g. B. Rocks, coal seals or parts of relief sculptures.

  6. The lower part of the phylum Magnon.

  7. Shape of hair in which the hair is shaved or very short on the back or part of the head, but on a relatively long braid.

Sentences of Undercut

  1. The industry has been influenced by more efficient foreign producers

  2. The foundation is broken so that pedestrians can walk behind the waterfall

  3. The president denied that his authority had been compromised

  4. There may be big fish in search of safety

  5. He turned his shortcut into a bold cut

Synonyms of Undercut

undermine , tunnel , burrow