Definition of Undercut:

  1. The underside of a sirloin of beef.

  2. Cut or wear away the part below or under (something, especially a cliff).

  3. To offer a good or service at a price that is deliberately set below the price charged by the competitor(s).

  4. A hairstyle in which the hair is shaved or cut very short on the sides or back of the head but left relatively long on top.

  5. Weaken; undermine.

  6. A space formed by the removal or absence of material from the lower part of something, such as a cliff, a coal seam, or part of a carving in relief.

  7. Offer goods or services at a lower price than (a competitor).

  8. (in sports such as tennis or golf) strike (a ball) with a chopping motion so as to give it backspin.

Synonyms of Undercut

Undermine, Weaken, Impair, Damage, Sap, Threaten, Subvert, Sabotage, Ruin, Disrupt, Undo, Destabilize, Demolish, Wreck, Destroy, Chip away, Charge less than, Charge a lower price than, Undersell, Underbid, Belie, Blow sky-high, Blow up, Close out, Convert into cash, Cut away, Cut out, Cut under, Deflate, Disconfirm, Discredit, Disprove, Dump, Effect a sale, Excavate, Explode, Expose, Gouge out, Hollow out, Invalidate, Job, Make a sale, Market, Merchandise, Move, Negate, Negative, Prove the contrary, Puncture, Resell, Retail, Sacrifice, Sell, Sell off, Sell on consignment, Sell out, Sell over, Sell retail, Sell short, Sell up, Sell wholesale, Show up, Turn into money, Turn over, Undermine, Undersell, Unload, Wholesale

How to use Undercut in a sentence?

  1. There may be some bigger fish in the safety of the undercut.
  2. These industries have been undercut by more efficient foreign producers.
  3. She styled her short bob into an edgy undercut.
  4. The base of the crag is undercut permitting walkers to pass behind the falling water.
  5. The chairman denied his authority was being undercut.

Meaning of Undercut & Undercut Definition