Uncovered Interest Arbitrage

Uncovered Interest Arbitrage,

Uncovered Interest Arbitrage: What is the Meaning of Uncovered Interest Arbitrage?

  • Uncovered Interest Arbitrage refers to Immovable interest arbitration is a form of arbitration in which the foreign currency has to be exchanged for a local currency with a lower interest rate, which has a higher deposit rate. This transaction carries the risk of an exchange rate, as investors or speculators will have to convert foreign currency products into local currency in the future. The term used in this arbitration refers to the fact that the risk of this foreign exchange is not covered by futures or futures contracts.

Literal Meanings of Uncovered Interest Arbitrage


Meanings of Uncovered:
  1. Found


Meanings of Interest:
  1. The state of wanting to know someone or wanting to learn.

  2. The amount that is paid permanently at a certain rate to repay the loan or to delay the repayment of the loan.

  3. The benefit or advantage of a person or group.

  4. Betting, operating or participating in a company, especially finance.

Sentences of Interest
  1. Integration is not against the public interest

  2. Voters must express their interests

  3. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

attentiveness, undivided attention, absorption, engrossment, heed, regard, notice, scrutiny, dividends, profits, returns, of benefit to, to the advantage of, for the sake of, for the benefit of, stake, share, portion, claim, investment, stock, equity, be of interest to


Meanings of Arbitrage:
  1. Simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currencies or commodities in different markets or derivatives simultaneously to use different prices for the same asset.

  2. Buy and sell assets through arbitration.

Sentences of Arbitrage
  1. Opportunities for mediation

  2. Most short sales are made by people close to the bond and the stock market