Uncommitted Facility

Uncommitted Facility,

How Do You Define Uncommitted Facility?

Uncommitted Facility means: A non-binding credit line is an agreement between a lender and a borrower in which the lender agrees to provide short-term financing to the borrower. This is different from a commitment line of credit, in which the terms set by the lenders are well defined and placed on the debtor. Disorganized facilities are used to finance the seasonal or temporary needs of companies with fluctuating revenue. B. pays creditors to meet trade rebates, single or single transaction and wage obligations.

  • Short-term financing lines, such as B-parole loan unsecured loan agreement.
  • A term loan is a general commitment mechanism that may include goods, working capital, and equipment loans.
  • Unlimited restrictions are less expensive than compromised installations.
  • An inbound credit line may include a working capital line, also called an overdraft, and is payable on demand.

Literal Meanings of Uncommitted Facility


Meanings of Uncommitted:
  1. Not committed to causes, activities, etc.

Sentences of Uncommitted
  1. Not a determined voter

Synonyms of Uncommitted

neutral, impartial, vacillating, independent, uncertain, non-aligned, undeclared, non-partisan, floating, unaffiliated, undecided


Meanings of Facility:
  1. A location, equipment, or device designed for a specific purpose.

  2. A natural skill, the ability to do or learn well and easily.

Sentences of Facility
  1. Kitchen utensils

  2. Speak fluently

Synonyms of Facility

talent, finesse, gift, aptitude, prerequisite, means, skill, knack, bent, space, potential, genius, solution, equipment, flair, provision