Definition of Uncollectible:

  1. Something that cannot be collected despite all efforts made. The company was forced to seek legal advice to explore any remaining options after the account was designated as uncollectible..

Synonyms of Uncollectible

Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Amount due, Bad debt, Bad debts, Bill, Bills, Borrowing, Charges, Chits, Debt, Default, Defection, Delinquence, Delinquency, Dishonor, Dishonoring, Due, Dues, Financial commitment, Floating debt, Funded debt, Indebtedness, Indebtment, Liability, Maturity, National debt, Nondischarge of debts, Nonpayment, Nonremittal, Obligation, Outstanding debt, Pledge, Protest, Protested bill, Public debt, Repudiation, Score, Uncollectibles, Unfulfilled pledge

Meaning of Uncollectible & Uncollectible Definition