Definition of Uncertainty:

  1. Statistics: Situation where neither the probability distribution of a variable nor its mode of occurrence is known.

  2. Decision making: Situation where the current state of knowledge is such that (1) the order or nature of things is unknown, (2) the consequences, extent, or magnitude of circumstances, conditions, or events is unpredictable, and (3) credible probabilities to possible outcomes cannot be assigned. Although too much uncertainty is undesirable, manageable uncertainty provides the freedom to make creative decisions. See also risk.

  3. Information theory: Degree to which available choices or the outcomes of possible alternatives are free from constraints. See also entropy and information.

  4. The state of being uncertain.

Synonyms of Uncertainty

Pyrrhonism, Accidentality, Actuarial calculation, Adventitiousness, Agitation, Ambiguity, Ambiguousness, Ambitendency, Ambivalence, Amphibology, Anxiety, Apprehension, Arrhythmia, Bleariness, Blur, Blurriness, Bother, Break, Brokenness, Calculated risk, Capriciousness, Casualness, Chance, Chanciness, Change of mind, Changeableness, Choppiness, Cliff-hanging, Complexity of meaning, Concern, Criticalness, Darkness, Defocus, Delicacy, Destiny, Desultoriness, Deviability, Diffidence, Dimness, Disconnectedness, Discontinuity, Disquiet, Distress, Distrust, Distrustfulness, Double entendre, Double meaning, Double reference, Double-mindedness, Doubt, Doubtfulness, Dread, Dubiety, Dubiousness, Eccentricity, Equivocacy, Equivocality, Equivocalness, Erraticism, Erraticness, Expectant waiting, Faintness, Fate, Feebleness, Fence-sitting, Fence-straddling, Fibrillation, Fickleness, Filminess, Fitfulness, Fits and starts, Flier, Flightiness, Fluctuation, Flukiness, Fogginess, Fortuitousness, Fortuity, Fortune, Freakishness, Fuzziness, Gamble, Good fortune, Good luck, Half-belief, Half-visibility, Hap, Happenstance, Happy chance, Hazard, Hazardousness, Haziness, Heedless hap, Hesitation, How they fall, Impulsiveness, Incertitude, Inconsistency, Inconstancy, Indecision, Indecisiveness, Indefiniteness, Indeterminacy, Indeterminateness, Indistinctness, Indistinguishability, Infirmity of purpose, Insecurity, Instability, Intermittence, Irony, Irregularity, Irresolution, Jerkiness, Law of averages, Leeriness, Levels of meaning, Lot, Low profile, Luck, Mercuriality, Misdoubt, Misgiving, Mistiness, Mistrust, Mistrustfulness, Moira, Moodiness, Mugwumpery, Mugwumpism, Multivocality, Opportunity, Paleness, Paronomasia, Patchiness, Perilousness, Perturbation, Pessimism, Play, Plunge, Polysemousness, Polysemy, Precariousness, Principle of indeterminacy, Probability, Problematicness, Punning, Query, Question, Random sample, Reserve, Restlessness, Richness of meaning, Risk, Riskiness, Roughness, Run of luck, Salt, Scruple, Scrupulousness, Second thoughts, Self-doubt, Semivisibility, Serendipity, Shadow of doubt, Shadowiness, Shakiness, Shiftiness, Skepticalness, Skepticism, Slipperiness, Soft focus, Spasticity, Speculation, Sporadicity, Sporadicness, Spottiness, Stagger, Statistical probability, Suspense, Suspicion, Suspiciousness, Sword of Damocles, Tergiversation, The breaks, Theory of probability, Ticklish business, Ticklishness, Total skepticism, Totteriness, Touchiness, Trouble, Uncertainty principle, Unclearness, Undecidedness, Undependability, Undeterminedness, Uneasiness, Unevenness, Unfixedness, Unhealthiness, Unmethodicalness, Unplainness, Unpredictability, Unreliability, Unsafeness, Unsettledness, Unsettlement, Unsoundness, Unstableness, Unsteadfastness, Unsteadiness, Unsureness, Unsystematicness, Untrustworthiness, Vague appearance, Vagueness, Variability, Variation, Variety, Venture, Waiting, Wantonness, Wariness, Waywardness, Weakness, Whatever comes, Whimsicality, Wobble, Wonder, Worry, Unpredictability, Unreliability, Riskiness, Chanciness, Precariousness, Unsureness

How to use Uncertainty in a sentence?

  1. There was a lot of uncertainty about whether, or not he would be able to pitch on two days rest.
  2. Sometimes the decisions you make will involve a lot of uncertainty and you just have to go with your gut instincts.
  3. Times of uncertainty and danger.
  4. Ted was usually a quick decision maker, but there was so much uncertainty regarding the economy that he was hard-pressed to figure out the next step in the corporate acquisition.

Meaning of Uncertainty & Uncertainty Definition