Unbanked Meanings:

  • Not having a bank account is an informal term given to an adult who does not use a bank or banking institution in any way. People with bank details usually pay in cash or buy prepaid money orders or debit cards. Non-banking institutions also often have professional services related to insurance, pension or money. They can take advantage of alternative financial services such as payroll loans and payroll loans if available.

    • Not having a bank account refers to adults who do not use or have access to traditional financial services such as savings accounts, credit cards or personal checks.
    • Most are concentrated in the least developed or poorest parts of the developed world, most non-banks in the United States already have formal bank accounts.
    • The government and other organizations have launched a number of programs to finance non-banking institutions, such as the FDIC Money Smart program.

Meanings of Unbanked

  1. It does not provide services through banks or similar financial institutions.

Sentences of Unbanked

  1. We know from our research that there are still 250,000 people in this country who do not have banking services.