Unauthorized Reinsurance

Unauthorized Reinsurance,

Unauthorized Reinsurance:

  • Unlawful reinsurance occurs when an insurance company tries to do business in a limited area or with an insurance company. There are insurance and insurance regulations. If an insurance company does not follow these rules, there is a risk that it will offer insurance illegally.

  • Reinsurance with an unapproved company in the reporting company's country domicile.

Literal Meanings of Unauthorized Reinsurance


Meanings of Unauthorized:
  1. It has no official approval or approval.

Sentences of Unauthorized
  1. Unauthorized access to a computer system

Synonyms of Unauthorized

unapproved, unofficial, uncertified, unaccredited, unwarranted, unlicensed, unsanctioned


Meanings of Reinsurance:
  1. An agreement in which an insured transfers all or part of the risk to another insurer to protect himself from the risk of the first insurance.

Sentences of Reinsurance
  1. Such events will make it difficult for your clients to obtain international insurance.